Park CW, Lessig VP. Students and housewives: differences (2011) in susceptibility to reference group influence

Sang-Hoon Kim 1, Hyun Jung Park People nowadays prompt others to adopt what they have just bought, especially high-tech products or services. Prompters not only make recommendations by positive word-of-mouth, but they also urge other people to experience innovative new products. However, non-voluntary or prompted adoptions are prevalent in real-life situations Several researchers include social […]

Do social media marketing activities enhance customer equity? An empirical study of luxury fashion brand

Angella J. Kim a,1, Eunju Ko Abstract: In light of a growing interest in the use of social media marketing (SMM) among luxury fashion brands, this study set out to identify attributes of SMM activities and examine the relationships among those perceived activities, value equity, relationship equity, brand equity, customer equity, and purchase intention through […]