Use cases and specialists’ requirements were elicited though workshop sessions with subject matter experts.

Context scenarios built around the personas helped articulating use cases and requirements into user journeys.

Having defined the typical journeys, content and functional requirements were detailed and structured.

The taxonomy of the solution structured the articulation of the content and functionalities, in line with users’ mental model.

The interface was rapidly designed through sketches before building a strawman prototype.

Having built a strawman, the requirements became very tangible for users and stakeholders, and stimulated additional inputs and iterations.

In order to convey how the tool would support key use cases, the relevant wireframes were articulated into schematics, illustrating the scenarios that were developed earlier. The walkthrough were turned in to short videos to communicate the vision and mobilise the organisation before progressing with the build.

Client: an International Energy company

Agency: Engine

Brief: Design a portal to entice businesses to produce or re-sell renewable electricity and support existing generators managing their relationship with the Grid

Role: Lead User Experience Designer

• Workshop with subject matter experts
• Requirements gathering
• Interaction design
• Axure prototyping
• Presentation of the deliverables
• Walkthrough videos